Sarah Palin Attacked

No woman should be talked about that way. Disgusting behavior needs to be corrected in our society.

Mark Levin slams women’s groups for silence over MSNBC attack on Sarah Palin

After MSNBC’s Martin Bashir suggested someone defecate and urinate on Sarah Palin, conservative talk show host Mark Levin slammed so-called women’s groups like

Republicans, Conservatives and Libertarians should note, mark and remember well what the Democrats are doing and where they learned it.  My wife lived in the Soviet Union for 35 years. She saw making evil, vile, sensational comments gets these incorrigible, vulgar commentators more national publicity than they would otherwise get in a lifetime. They then offer a public apology without recourse and all is supposed to be forgotten. In public hearings and university campuses they shout down those who disagree with them. The technique was perfected by the communists to intimidate, embarrass, and frighten their targets into silence so the communists could prevail.  They may not be communists but they surely capitalize on techniques that worked for 70 years.