Bob Royden

TO: Bob Royden: Politics is highly entertaining when people understand that “Politicians, like merchants and farmers, are self-interested. But instead of maximizing profits, they maximize power.” Power corrupts! In 2012 a Banana Republic rate of over 90% of incumbents were reelected. With Gerrymandering, voters no longer select their representatives, their representatives select the voters. No President since 1904 has received majority support from Registered Voters and never more than 33%. President Obama received only 31%, but in politics the rules determine the outcome of the game and President Obama did get over 50% from those who voted. Local politicians typically get 15% to 27% of the registered votes or VEP. SEE: www.romancingthevoters


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Bob Royden says: It’a all about the Oath of Office. And what’s right for the Country, or, if you like, when you’re spending money, The People, or The Taxpayers. Their votes cannot ( legally ) be bought. They can only be made based on their Oath. Really Kindergarden Stuff. Any questions ? One buddy of mine says they should have a Draft; and get a Congress that way… Let’s face it. Couldn’t Hurt it. Might Help it. Thanks