Thank God for Capitalism and Freedom

2013 (the Golden Year) one of the greatest years in history.  Happy New Year – 2014.   Thank God for Capitalism and Freedom.  World Poverty is at an all-time low. “Global inequality is narrowing.” Battle deaths from Wars are at an all-time low.  Deaths from Extreme weather are at an all-time low. Deaths from AIDs in Africa from the peak at an all-time low.  Democide by governments killing  their own people (typically 10 times the number killed in wars) at an all-time low.  Global Warming hasn’t occurred for 15 years and the irony of Global Warming scientists today frozen in the Antarctic Ice that Al Gore claimed would be melted by now.  Among the 177 countries ranked in the January 2013 Index of ECONOMIC FREEDOM, freedom  improved for 91 countries. People are learning about the enormous benefits of true capitalism, and of the anti-capitalists, the imposters that falsely claim the name of capitalism. People are learning of the false and fabricated stories about so-called Robber Barons.  America still has the richest poor people in the world living and breathing capitalism while proving that as the rich get richer — the poor get richer. God Bless America.