For instance, does Bill Gates

PEW RESEARCH INEQUALITY: Ronald Reagan once remarked that liberals see a fat man beside a thin man and conclude the fat man has been taking food out of the mouth of the thin man.  Before the income inequality gap rose noticeably Doctors used to marry unemployed housewives.  Then they started marrying other doctors, attorneys, or professionals etc., with high incomes.

To narrow the income gap doctors should be prohibited from marrying other doctors, and smart or hard working people should be forced to marry dumb lazy people. Of the ways to measure inequality on the Pew Research  list of 5 measures, I don’t see a “Caloric Intake List.”

For instance, does Bill Gates (Microsoft) with his $60 billion eat 60 billion more meals a day than a poor person?  Does he drive 60 million more cars, does he live in 6 million more homes?  Or is 99% of his money invested in technology, equipment and tools which enable lower income people to be more productive for each hour they work and increase their income and standard of living?  Bill Gates has made a lot of poor people richer!