We Simply Cannot Let People Who Work Take Home More Money

A Parable & Outlaw Marriage for State of the Union Speech by President Obama T

Better to have no job than a low paying job in this symbolic gesture to raise the minimum “learning”  wage for federal workers/contractors.  Less than 1/2% of federal workers receive the minimum wage according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In California, only 1.4% of all wage earners receive the minimum “learning” wage and 2.4% of full-time workers nationally — and rarely for more than one-year.  But, it sounds good like a politician should! This appeal to the uninformed is really a sop to highly paid union members, who get a wage increase whenever the minimum wage rises in exchange for their votes. (Since 1979 each time the minimum wage was increased, unemployment increased.http://www.bls.gov/cps/minwage2012.pdf   http://data.bls.gov/timeseri es/LNU04000000?years_option=all_years&periods_option=specific_periods&periods=Annual+Data



The Income inequality Parable

The President is obsessed with Income inequality.  Why? After all, the President and his wife on their public tax return make more in a month than the average American makes in a year ($54,717 per month vs. $53,406 per year). Their friend Oprah Winfrey made 3,000 times more in 2012 — no re-distribution mentioned here. President Obama could explain the inequality gap through the “Parable of the Talents:” A man going on a long journey trusts his servants with his wealth to invest. One he gives 5 bags of gold, another 2 bags of gold and a third 1 bag of gold according to their ability. When he returned the first had doubled his 5 bags to 10, the second servant doubled his 2 bags to 4, but the third scaredy-cat buried his in the ground and returned only what he had received. The master gave the first two servants more responsibilities commensurate with their proven abilities. The third he replied is a wicked, lazy servant, and amidst much weeping and gnashing of teeth, took the bag of gold and gave it that servant who doubled his gold to 10 bags. Those who are capable and competent are given more —- from those who have been given much, much is expected. One moral of the story in Mathews 25:14:30 is the rich are not so much owners of great wealth but great managers (Bill Gates, Steve Jobs) who create wealth by investing in ways that enable others to become more productive per hour worked and richer. Hence: The rich get richer and the poor get richer.


Outlaw Marriage

One way to stop the income gap from increasing is to prohibit doctors from marrying other doctors. Doctors used marry non-employed housewives (when housewives was not a pejorative term).  Then they began marrying doctors, attorneys or other high-income college-educated professionals. To reduce income inequality between households, doctors must be prohibited from marrying other doctors, etc…. smart people must be forced to marry dumb or lazy people. According to the government, households can be comprised of one, or more members living together.  Hence, many high-income households have 2 or more members working while some low-income households have no member working. With inflation the gap in income inequality will always grow.  To be fair, according to some people, we simply cannot let people who work take home more money than people who don’t work. See: http://www.romancingthevoters.com  27,619 people have commented have you?

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