Election results vs Soviet Union determine food, rents, home, clothing, health, gas prices & taxes



San Diego Registrar of Voters PRIMARY Election Results Final (not certified) as of 6/13/14


We were often told that only 5% of the people (the Communists) in the Soviet Union controlled the population.

Elections are important!

Results are similar across the country and in nearly all jurisdictions. Interesting how few votes determine elections in San Diego.


Congressional incumbents June 3, 2014 Primary Election Final count (not certified)  http://www.sdvote.com/voters/results/election.xml


50th Hunter: 18% of the Registered Vote           13.5% of Estimated Eligible Vote (VEP)

49th Issa :    15%                                             12.2 %

52nd Peters:  13%                                              9.7%

53rd Davis:    13%                                              9.7%

51st Vargas:  12%                                              9%


Assembly Speaker Atkins
17.5%                                           13%

Governor Brown San Diego County only

12.3%                                            8.9% per http://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/ror/ror-pages/15day-primary-2014/county.pdf


People who don’t vote defer to these incumbents a share of the power to determine (Maslow’s hierarchy) your food prices, water prices, clothing prices, home prices, apartment rents, interest rates on savings, automobile prices, gasoline prices, medical care, taxes which all inexorably go up and collectively and indirectly have the power to put you in jail or execute you.

These results supposedly justify politicians imposing their visions, rules,  regulations and laws upon us.