Fight Government Spying In Ads Today

Google, Apple, Microsoft fight government spying in ads today, December 9, 2013. Eight of the biggest companies in technology have united to speak out against the NSA’s leaked surveillance programs and demand sweeping reforms. AOL, Facebook,  LinkedIn, Twitter, and Yahoo have also signed a letter to President Obama and Congress that The Hill reports will run in national print today.


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Big Brother is Watching You!

California Becomes A Basket Case Like Greece Is today?

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Thomas Elias, Democrat Party spokesman, writes STATE GOP CONGRESSIONAL RECOVERY NOT LIKELY .


Elias fails to mention that with California Gerrymandering voters no longer determine their representatives – the representatives determine their voters. Sooner or later arrogant Democrat legislators will discover they can extract and redistribute decades of accumulated wealth and capital only so often before California becomes a basket case like Greece is today. Democrats can only fool the public so long before unemployed young people and the 1.4% earning the “learning” minimum wage (in California according to U.S. Labor Statistics) figure out they are being sacrificed for unions and union political contributions. Well-paid union members get wage increases every time the minimum wage goes up, and they are the primary beneficiaries.


Fred Schnaubelt

Rancho Bernardo

(over 18,000 have commented- have you?)


Fred Schnaubelt

Rancho Bernardo

(over 18,000 have commented- have you?)

Minimum Wage Protestors!/on-air/as-seen-on/Politically-Speaking–Raising-Political-IQ/213548241

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Today’s Idiot Minimum Wage Protestors – sacrificial lambs for unions. Only 1.4 % in California earn “learning” minimum wage according to U.S. Labor Statistics and for less than a year.

No one with high school degree raises a family on a learning wage job.  This fraud is perpetrated by well-paid union shills who get raises every time “minimum wage” goes up. Minimum wage should be abolished  if you honestly want to help unemployed young people needing-wanting jobs.

Romancing The Voters

Sanctimoni​ous Democrats Deepest, Darkest Secret

This is gruesome and amazing Democrats have been able to hide their history.

Secrets they can’t hide: When sanctimonious Democrats vent their air of moral superiority let them know we know their secret of lynching 3,445 Blacks.  They can run but they cannot hide!
Lynchings: By Year and Race Source: Tuskegee Institute _____________________________________

Year  Whites Blacks Total
1882 64  49 113
1883 77  53 130
1884 160  51 211
1885 110  74 184
1886 64  74 138
1887 50  70 120
1888 68  69 137
1889 76  94 170
1890 11  85 96
1891 71  113 184
1892 69  161 230
1893 34  118 152
1894 58  134 192
1895 66  113 179
1896 45  78 123
1897 35  123 158
1898 19  101 120
1899 21  85 106
1900 9   106 115
1901 25 105 130
1902 7   85 92
1903 15  84 99
1904 7  76 83
1905 5  57 62
1906 3  62 65
1907 3  58 61
1908 8  89 97
1909 13  69 82
1910 9  67 76
1911 7  60 67
1912 2  62 64
1913 1  51 52
1914 4  51 55
1915 13 56 69
1916 4  50 54
1917 2  36 38
1918 4  60 64
1919 7  76 83
1920 8  53 61
1921 5  59 64
1922 6  51 57
1923 4  29 33
1924 0 16 16
1925 0 17 17
1926 7 23 30
1927 0 16 16
1928 1 10 11
1929 3 7 10
1930 1 20 21
1931 1 12 13
1932 2  6 8
1933 2  24 26
1934 0  15 15
1935 2  18 20
1936 0  8 8
1937 0  8 8
1938 0  6 6
1939 1  2 3
1940 1  4 5
1941 0  4 4
1942 0  6 6
1943 0  3 3
1944 0  2 2
1945 0  1 1
1946 0  6 6
1947 0  1 1
1948 1  1 2
1949 0  3 3
1950 1  1 2
1951 0  1 1
1952 0  0 0
1953 0  0 0
1954 0  0 0
1955 0  3 3
1956 0  0 0
1957 1  0 1
1958 0  0 0
1959 0  1 1
1960 0  0 0
1961 0  1 1
1962 0  0 0
1963 0  1 1
1964 2  1 3
1965 0  0 0
1966 0  0 0
1967 0  0 0
1968 0  0 0
Total 1,297     3,445   4,742
Whites    Blacks  Total

See More: Romancing The Voters Chapter 14, Why Martin Luther King was a Republican.

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Phyllis Ann Maples-Cole Couldn’t give them to me (Romancing The Voters) if they were covered with real gold!!


Responses to: A Democrat Turkey – Don’t be. For 1,000 days it believes “It has the world by the tail.”
Getting fatter everyday — It believes Democrats love it — Democrats look after it, take care of its “children.” Life is great, Free sex (contracep…tives), free health care, free college, housing, food stamps (ETB). What could be more fair?
Then, the day before Thanksgiving suddenly and unexpectedly, it gets a “reality check”— everything it believes is wrong.

Shelton Brown Jr As a democrat I’m offended. We want nothing for free only affordable hence ACA.                             Anthony DeFina As a democrat you would be offended you spineless squid.. and nothing about the aca is affordable

Gary Towne It must be nice to live in your little dream world because in the real world nothing is free, but I must say republicans are the turkeys of 2014.

Anthony DeFina I love getting them all pissy it’s like winding up a toy and watching it fall down a flight of stairs.  And I’m not a Republican supporter or a born again just have common sense

Shelton Brown Jr So that’s how it is Anthony we resort to name calling. Why is it so hard for people to understand simple economics. Economies of scale the more people who buy a product the lower the long term costs are. My wife and I are hardworking, college educated, tax paying citizens. We also happen to be born again believers and are happy to say we are liberal democrats. Somewhere I remember Christ saying that which you’ve done for the least of these have you also done it unto me. Why solution do you propose to feed people who work but wages barely pay rent? What grand bargain do you propose to close the gap of individuals who are without health insurance? I know you’ll simply sit back and allow others to make you think you are better than others while they become wealthier and you continue to eek out a living.

Jared Day Shelton you really don’t understand things very well. First of all Christ never said that people have to provide for other people. It’s called free will, he encouraged looking out for others as a choice. But for you to say that I need to pay for more expensive healthcare to help pay for someone else’s is absolutely ridiculous. Have you checked to see what your health insurance is going to run you?? I doubt it. You think you have some kind of moral high ground because you are a liberal democrat and you support the ACA. But then the democrats like you in Washington decide to save themselves more money by giving themselves subsidies, like they can’t afford it. The world to you must be made of rainbows and candy corn.

James Guschke Shelton brown, those people are me. When I deliver a pizza to an Obama lovin democrat who drives an escalade but lives in section 8, and sends her kids to the door to avoid tipping, even though I as a taxpayer am buying her food every month while she gets paid for sitting, who would Jesus say is doing the right thing?

Kevin Shepard It is called get another job, of fill out one of those free money forms the Fed. Gov’t hands out like hot cakes… There are plenty of ways to make your life better. Maybe they should have listened and paid attention and went to college like the other successful people! Or just take into the fact that we are WAY better off than many countries in the shape we are in now… You complain about rent and food when there are people who don’t have shelter or clean water… toughen your LIBERAL ass up and TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!!! QUIT WAITING FOR THE MIGHTY FED TO SOLVE ALL OF YOUR PROBLEMS!!

Kevin Shepard Too bad it is not a reality!! Wake up idiots!! The president is a SOCIALIST!! Just like Russia, Cuba and countless other failed Euro States that have tried it before! There is nothing affordable or helpful in any plan that “Puppet” implements!!

William John Anthony, why do you even bother talking to these libtard sheep?!

Cougar Watchmen CA NOTHING IS FREE!

Sonny Ad Cone Bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch. You all sound like the government shut down all over again. The last real president this great country (US of A) was Ronald Reagan. He said we can change. He’s doing it wrong. Bush Jr. Laughing stock. People will always want something for free. Even the rich. How many millionaires in America have Swiss bank accounts. Tax free. What this country needs is someone in office that really loves this country. Stand up to the rest of the world and get this land back in shape. Not someone who says what people want to hear to get votes and then changes. Oh yea I almost forgot. After 4-8 years in office lives on over $400,000 a year retirement. Love my country hate my government

Gavin Tomlinson Nothing about the ACA is affordable Shelton…..Do your own research before you relay everything fed to you by corrupt politicians.

Josh Wirth ALMOST nothing that democrats do or say becomes reality unless it has to do with lies (Obamacare, IRS scandal, and Benghazi)!

James Guschke Shelton: then why do people who willingly work hard have to pay more so people who don’t work can get it for free? My insurance rates went up to subsidize the lazy. And by lazy I don’t mean the disabled or in insurable


And Responses to: No woman should be talked about that way. Disgusting behavior needs to be corrected in our society. Mark Levin slams women’s groups for silence over MSNBC attack on Sarah Palin

Linda Green Well, I definitely do not like Palin’s politics, but if Bashir did say this (on MSNBC), I am disappointed.

Nancy Schramm Brashir DID say that, and it is far more than disappointing. He should be kicked off the air, forced to go to “rehabilitation,” and be forever banned from ever getting a job anywhere ever! Oh, wait, he’s an ultra-liberal democrat slamming a conservative republican. Simply pathetic. No wonder this country is more divided than ever!

Jleslie Sudberry Jr. I would not apologize to the quitta from wasilla

Nancy Alexander Cooke You are idiots! Learn

Bob McNeil Wow … Mike Paradise … You must be King of the Dipshits on your island!

Robert Force My how we have become a Country of idiots. ..No media outlet should make such lurid remarks about anyone….The media sucks!

Richard Stackhouse This article takes “Brass Gonads”. The author is upset with women’s group for not standing up for Sarah Palin. First it must be established that something was said that wasn’t true. Next he should ask ALL of the GOP leaders, congressmen, governors, and legislators where were their voices for all of the fowl attacks against women. Then he should ask himself why he has not found it offensive for all of the attacks against women for the last five years and longer in many cases.

Randy Teem Hey Mark what if it was your wretched waste of human flesh wife they were talking about ?? Oh excuse me it may be your significant other. I think you would have a different take on it. We do “We do for now ” Have a right to free speech ” But it takes people of great character…. Well there is the whole problem I need not go any farther !!!

Marty Anderson what a bunch of idiots keep drinking the Kool Aid. No wonder companies keep leaving United States all of the people are more proud to be on welfare than having a real job for all you socially conscious people why don’t you move to Russia and live your Communist Way of life political correctness is ruining this country

Mike Paradine I see nothing wrong here. Funny how a member of the party that is unilaterally attempting to strip women of most of their freedom is crying like a little girl about a citizen making a comment about a scumbag of a human being. It doesn’t sound like he was attacking women, rather a wretched waste of flesh that happens to be female.

Wally Raisanen stupid

Peter Masyga lol Linda he did need new party here there is a college one down the block from u but they drink and aint ridgid

Eric Hicke Who really give two shits about any of these people? Anyone? The whole thing is nonsense, and just a distraction as usual. What else would you expect from the lame stream media?